Fibre Net Group at IFAT 2024: Advanced Solutions for Environmental Challenges | P-TREX
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Fibre Net Group, a specialist in the development of certified products and systems in fiber-reinforced composites with 100% Italian production, will be exhibiting at IFAT, the biennial international trade fair for environmental technologies, from May 13th to 17th, 2024, at the Munich Trade Fair Centre.


FIBRE NET GROUP Booth No. 344 Hall B2



This year, the focus of the fair is on Utilities and Municipalities, with dedicated conferences and discussions analyzing current research findings or innovative technologies and products capable of addressing both the natural degradation of service infrastructures and environmental challenges through sustainable circular economy approaches. The management of water treatment, waste, and raw materials constitutes a significant part of the environmental tasks that these stakeholders are called upon to fulfill. A particular focus will be on the challenge that public authorities must face to ensure the quantity and quality of drinking water supply in relation to the maintenance needs of the infrastructure. The goal will be centered on solutions capable of combining the absence of potential risks to society and the environment with a reasonable intervention cost.

For over 20 years, Fibre Net Group has specialized in the development, engineering, and production of composite systems and materials, presenting itself at IFAT as the player capable of meeting the needs of Utilities, designers, and companies with advanced solutions, product lines, and technologies. Composite materials represent the best response to operational needs. Products, according to a certified environmental management system LL-C ISO 14001/UNI EN ISO 14001:2015, combine rapid installation with high-performance in terms of mechanical and chemical resistance.

At a single stand, Fibre Net Group integrates the two complementary BUs; Fibre Net, an historic Italian brand synonymous with excellence in structural reinforcement and seismic engineering, and P-TREX, specialized in the design and production of solutions in FRP material for multiple industrial sectors. This is a 360° proposition ranging from CRM and FRP systems to technical mortars, protective and waterproofing solutions for reinforcement and consolidation interventions of degraded concrete structures to FRP structures and fences. The latter are improvement solutions compared to those in steel, aluminum, and concrete, as they require no maintenance and withstand even under conditions of intense chemical aggression.

Environmental Impact

In April 2024, the company obtained EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) certification for the RI STRUTTURA system, the first CRM system in Italy in the field of composite materials to have obtained this certificate. This recognition confirms the Group’s commitment to transparency and environmental sustainability, providing our customers with the certainty that they are choosing products that meet rigorous environmental standards.

The Group’s Added Value

Choosing the developed solutions of the FIBRE NET group is also a guarantee in terms of:

  • Ongoing R&D activities in collaboration with Universities, Research Institutes, and Independent Bodies;
  • Careful selection of the most performing raw materials;
  • Constant chemical-physical analysis carried out with cutting-edge equipment in internal laboratories;
  • Controlled production chain.

Recently, the research laboratory of Fibre Net S.p.a. has been officially recognized by the Central Director of Productive Activities and Tourism of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region as a highly qualified institution in the fields of design, research, and development of artifacts, production processes of plastic and reinforced materials of all kinds, construction systems, structural reinforcement, and industrial, civil, and infrastructural consolidation.



Design Technical Support Furthermore, Fibre Net Group offers technical assistance to authorities, companies, and professionals through various highly qualified technical teams in design and consultancy, capable of providing support in every phase of the project: from technical assistance during design and bidding to on-site implementation. Feasibility analysis, structural design, intervention management optimization, quality control, on-site testing, and monitoring of time and costs can be provided: the integration of engineering skills and managerial capabilities allows intervention on large-scale projects in civil and infrastructural areas.