P-TREX at Ecomondo 2023: Design Expertise, Innovative Materials, and Effective Technical Solutions for Sustainable Water Management Over Time | P-TREX
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From November 7th to 10th, P-TREX, a industrial business unit dedicated to the FIBRE NET GROUP, will be present at ECOMONDO, the international event of reference in Europe and the Mediterranean basin for technologies, services, and industrial solutions in the fields of green and circular economy.

P-TREX Hall B7 – Booth 311-410

Rimini Expo Center

For its 26th edition, Ecomondo will host over 1,500 exhibiting brands spread across 150,000 square meters of exhibition space. Ecomondo focuses on six thematic areas: Waste as Resource, Sites & Soil Restoration, Circular & Regenerative Bio-economy, Bio-Energy & Agroecology, Water Cycle & Blue Economy, and Environmental Monitoring & Control.

A compelling reason to be there: P-TREX designs and manufactures customized solutions in Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester (FRP), capable of meeting the diverse needs of different users in various stages of the supply chain, while complying with regulations, safety, and environmental standards. Given these invaluable aspects, being present at Ecomondo is crucial: choosing P-TREX products means minimizing environmental impact and contributing to ecological transition, as they are 100% reusable and recyclable.

FRP: the ideal solution for chemical resistance and durability in wastewater treatment plants. Low-impact production, easy handling, and on-site assembly, and maintenance-free: these are well-known advantages that P-TREX solutions offer both in terms of environmental sustainability and cost savings for clients. Designed to outlast the life expectancy of the structures they serve, corrosion-resistant with excellent mechanical strength, they require no painting or surface treatment. They remain unaffected by weather events, UV rays, and retain their properties even when used near marine areas or in chemically aggressive environments. This is why P-TREX product lines are the optimal answer to typical wastewater treatment plant challenges. Due to these inherent characteristics of composite materials, FRP products are increasingly specified for access and maintenance structures within wastewater treatment plants, often chosen as an improved replacement for conventional materials such as galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and precast concrete.

Beyond wastewater treatment, P-TREX solutions also find application in drinking water management. A range of structures suitable for use in aqueducts or any direct contact with potable water is produced. These structures are certified by the French ACS – Attestation de Conformité Sanitaire, ensuring chemical stability and the absence of harmful substance migration to humans. Drinking water in contact with P-TREX solutions maintains its organoleptic and microbiological characteristics unchanged.

Increasingly favored by end-users, the demand for FRP structures is continuously rising. Operators of water treatment plants, as well as those in the mobility sector, include them in their tender specifications, preferring them over traditional materials. These are fiberglass access structures, walkways, and service paths, pre-assembled in a modular manner, easy to install, requiring no maintenance. Due to their lightweight, they can be easily transported even to challenging locations, such as high-altitude interventions.

Composite Materials Engineering: Over Two Decades of Continuous Evolution Choosing a P-TREX product or solution means benefiting from substantial engineering and design expertise, recognized due to FIBRE NET GROUP’s solid experience in composite materials processing. In particular, P-TREX branded solutions guarantee:

  • Continuous R&D activities in collaboration with universities, research institutes, and independent organizations
  • Careful selection of the most high-performance raw materials
  • Constant chemical and physical analysis performed using cutting-edge equipment in internal laboratories
  • Controlled production process

The value of P-TREX’s design solutions arises from a detailed feasibility study, project analysis, and preliminary assessments of the specified context. The ability to prefabricate parts of the structures in the company contributes to defining intervention methods, costs, and timelines in line with the progress of the construction site. There is a dedicated area for carpentry, where specialized teams work on the pre-assembly of structures. The top priority remains attention to detail and verification of the design criteria applied to a product that must maintain reliability and durability over time during its operational life.