P-TREX goes to Anversa for MAINTENANCE 2023 and bring safe maintenance operations | P-TREX
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The spotlight is on P-TREX’s first spring event in Europe: the MAINTENANCE 2023 fair, an event of reference for the entire industrial maintenance supply chain, will be held in Antwerp (Belgium) on March 22 and 23, 2023, representing the place to be for any professional in the field of industrial maintenance, shutdown technology, asset management, and production reliability.

Maintenance is one of the most important activities within a company because it contributes to operator safety, proper plant functionality, and productivity. Careful maintenance of machinery and equipment can prevent production issues, which affect product quality and cause some delivery delays. However, regular maintenance often requires significant investments of time and money, which can significantly affect a company’s productivity and profits. For this reason, the new trend is to look for alternative solutions to reduce the need for periodic maintenance. This is where P-TREX’s GRP technology plays an important role. As a composite material with significant advantages in terms of durability and strength, it is often used in structural or semi-structural components intended for long-term use. Not just raw materials but also engineering: P-TREX represents a guarantee in terms of custom solutions. It can meet the needs of every company that may require innovative GRP solutions developed under the name of safety.

At Maintenance 2023, P-TREX turns its attention to the issue of operator protection during maintenance work and unveils a horizontal FRP closure system that is highly corrosion-resistant, self-supporting, and complete with a fall arrest system and protection bars. The purpose of this solution is to protect the operator during maintenance activities in drain wells and lifting; thanks to the presence of protection bars, visual inspections, and maneuvers are possible in total safety, both in the case of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance where the roof, light and as a self-supporting structure, can be easily moved to carry out the appropriate interventions and then be placed back, In addition, the structure makes it possible to achieve significant savings in terms of cost and time for on-site work. In addition, the high corrosion resistance of the GRP roofing combined with excellent mechanical performance contributes to extending service life over time.

Discover the advantages of all our solutions at the ANTWERP EXPO, on March 22 and 23. We look forward to seeing you at our stand No. 2269.