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“IFAT is the most important international trade fair for highlighting industry trends using our sustainable product and service innovations and presenting them to a broad international audience.” – Ottmar Steinebrunner, Bucher Municipal

May 2022 is going to be an unforgettable month for P-TREX, both challenging and full of opportunities. After the international trade fair AQUAFARM in Pordenone, P-TREX will take part to IFAT in Munich, from May 30 to June 3, 2022 at Munich’s trade fair center.

In the last edition of IFAT 2018, the event welcomed 3.305 exhibitors and 142.472 visitors, half of which came from worldwide international markets. Nearly 97% of the exhibitors were satisfied about the quality of the visitors as well as nearly 96% of the visitors enjoied the trade fair, recognizing IFAT as the leader B2B platform for the environnment technologies.

This year the central topics at IFAT Munich are Circular Economy and Plastics Recycling. Circular design, chemical recycling, and political market control – these buzzwords and many others of the circular economy in general and plastics recycling in particular will be featured in the professional supporting program at IFAT Munich.


P-TREX at IFAT 2022

P-TREX will exhibit at the stand n. 211 in Halle B2 together with FIBRE NET in 64 square meters surface.

Born by the twenty years’ experience of Fibre Net in the study and production of composite materials, P- TREX develops and customizes profiles, gratings, structures and fences in GRP composite material, as an improvement solution of conventional materials such as steel, aluminum and concrete. The production cycle of the company boasts CSI certification which establishes the circularity of composite materials according to the Special Rules Doc. 003/13.

Hereby, P-TREX guarantees customers the development of certified, innovative and personalized GRP solutions and services for the customers, designers and companies.

Resistant to corrosion and a wide range of chemicals, P-TREX product lines are the best answer to the operational needs of water treatment plants; they do not require painting or surface treatment and guarantee high mechanical resistance to atmospheric events and UV rays. Thanks to its characteristics, GRP products are used as improvement for conventional materials such as steel, aluminum and CLS. Compared to a structure made entirely of traditional material, the GRP products stand out for their durability over time and for the economic benefits that derive from the absence of maintenance costs and the rapidity of installation of the structures.

What is PRV?

Developed in Italy at the beginning of the last century for the aviation industry, GRP (Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester) – also known as fiberglass – is a composite material created by combining glass fibers impregnated with thermosetting resin. It is also known on the national and international market by the English acronyms GRP (glass-reinforced plastic) or GFRP (glass fiber-reinforced plastic). One of the production techniques for GRP products is pultrusion, similar to extrusion, which allows straight sections of constant section and performance to be produced.