Pollutec 2023: Towards a Sustainable Future - Environmental Innovation and Best Practices in the Spotlight with P-TREX | P-TREX
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P-TREX is pleased to announce its participation in the prestigious POLLUTEC exhibition, to be held at Lyon Eurexpo in Lyon from October 10th to 13th.

Pollutec – 10/13 october 2023 – Lyon Eurexpo France
Pav. 5 stand F062


Pollutec is the international reference meeting for environmental solutions. Dedicated to industry, cities, and territories, Pollutec has been a showcase of innovative solutions and good practices for 45 years. Through its 11 exhibition areas, it provides a platform for all equipment, technologies, and services for the prevention and treatment of all types of pollution, contributing to environmental preservation and sustainable development.

The event offers a rich program with over 20 conference zones featuring prominent speakers and debates. It also serves as a springboard for market innovations and international development.

At its impressive and captivating exhibition booth, P-TREX will present its wide range of composite products and solutions. The company’s team of experts will engage with customers, business partners, and industry professionals, sharing the latest technological advancements and developments in the field of structures and enclosures.

Composite structures offer numerous advantages over traditional materials and play a crucial role in wastewater treatment plants and facilities with high corrosion rates. Thanks to their lightweight and exceptional strength, composite structures can support heavy loads and withstand corrosive atmospheric agents commonly found in industrial environments.

Moreover, composite materials are highly durable and require minimal maintenance, reducing the operational costs of wastewater treatment plants in the long run. Their resistance to corrosion and wear makes them ideal for high-humidity environments with elevated levels of chemicals found in such facilities.

Composite structures also offer increased design flexibility, allowing for customized solutions tailored to the specific needs of wastewater treatment plants. Their versatility enables the creation of fences, platforms, walkways, and covers that seamlessly integrate with the surrounding environment, ensuring enhanced operational efficiency.

P-TREX remains committed to investing in research and development of innovative and sustainable solutions for the industrial structures sector. By participating in the POLLUTEC exhibition in Lyon, the company further strengthens its presence in the international market and reaffirms its dedication to promoting a sustainable environment.”


Pollutec 2023: Towards a Sustainable Future – Environmental Innovation and Best Practices in the Spotlight with P-TREX