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Preformed gratings fence in fiber glass GRP


P-TREX F GRATING is particularly suitable for electrical field: FRP gratings are combined with uprights available with multiple ground fixing systems. No need for earthing. P-TREX F GRATING is the perimeter fence made up of preformed GRP grating panels and is particularly popular in the electrical field. Industrial fiberglass gratings are electrically insulating and boast excellent chemical characteristics compared to iron and steel gratings. Therefore, their application is perfect for protecting and confining electrical stations and substations, railway stations and for the confinement of industrial machinery within a plant.
They are combined with GRP uprights available with multiple ground fixing systems. It does not require grounding.

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The pultrusion technology advantages

Icona amagneticita-radiotrasparenza

Amagnetic and radiotransparent

Icona assenza-conducibilita

Low thermal conductivity

Icona assenza-corrosione

Corrosion free

Icona assenza-manutenzione

Maintenance free

Icona isolamento-termico

Electrical insulation

Icona leggerezza


Icona resistenza-meccanica

Mechanical resistance

Icona semplice-installazione

Easy installation

Icona stabilita-chimica

Chemical/physical stability

Icona stabilita-resistenza-raggi

UV resistance

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