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Fences in fiber glass – GRP


P-TREX F MESH is the perimeter fiberglass fence of the type “running”, light, resistant and affordable, which allows quick and economical assembly.
Uprights and bracing are made with pultruded profiles with differentiated sections in GRP, as well as the monolithic mesh produced by Fibre Net. Lots of accessories and configurations are available for these fences, including single or double anti-climb arms, plastic or metal razar wire and anti-intrusion systems.

GRP fiberglass perimeter fences are particularly suitable for protecting and confining electrical stations and substations, where it is necessary to ensure a good level of electrical and magnetic insulation. Furthermore, the perimeter fences in GRP are used in the airport and logistics sector, as frangible and radiotransparent perimeter confinements for the sensitive areas of the airport runways.

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The pultrusion technology advantages

Icona amagneticita-radiotrasparenza

Amagnetic and radiotransparent

Icona assenza-conducibilita

Low thermal conductivity

Icona assenza-corrosione

Corrosion free

Icona assenza-manutenzione

Maintenance free

Icona isolamento-termico

Electrical insulation

Icona leggerezza


Icona resistenza-meccanica

Mechanical resistance

Icona semplice-installazione

Easy installation

Icona stabilita-chimica

Chemical/physical stability

Icona stabilita-resistenza-raggi

UV resistance

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