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P-TREX G is the line of molded gratings in composite material – GRP. Available in different sizes, thicknesses and mesh size. The gratings can be easily machined and thus can be adapted to existing systems and other infrastructures at the installation site. They can be installed for multiple applications in various industrial sectors, from chemical to civil, from railways to water treatment, thanks to their eligibility for use in any context. In particular, they are indicated in high corrosion environments where they resist chemical aggression and do not need maintenance, unlike the iron grating or other traditional material. In addition, their low weight allows them to be handled without the need for special machinery or cranes.

P-Trex Grating

P-Trex Grating

Moulded gratings in fiberglass GRP

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Costumized production

Our molded gratings in GRP are available in different resins, multiple meshes and types of surfaces, depending on the customer's needs. Our industrial gratings are self-draining and in the covered or double covered version, they become pedestrian gratings suitable for industrial walkways and civil walkways.
Assembled, they become non-magnetic and radio transparent confinements and fences, for every industrial sector.
In industrial stairs, non-slip gratings become safe walkable steps.

The GRP molded gratings and pultruded profiles, used alone or together in the same project, become the constructive elements of structures made entirely of fiberglass (GRP).


  • Open or closed mesh monolithic panel moulding products
  • Available in different formats, thickness and mesh sizes
  • Available in different finishes and anti-slip classes
  • Quick and easy to install
  • High dielectric properties
Icona assenza-corrosione

Corrosion free

Icona isolamento-termico

Electrical insulation

Icona assenza-manutenzione

Maintenance free

Icona resistenza-meccanica

Mechanical resistance

Icona leggerezza


Icona assenza-conducibilita

Low thermal conductivity

Icona semplice-installazione

Easy installation

Icona stabilita-chimica

Chemical/physical stability

Icona amagneticita-radiotrasparenza

Amagnetic and radiotransparent

Icona stabilita-resistenza-raggi

UV resistance

Mechanical properties of GRP gratings

Proprieties m.u. Value Test method
Flexural modulus of elasticity MPa 15.000 EN ISO 14125
Flexural tensile strength MPa 350 EN ISO 14125
Interlaminar shear strength MPa 35 EN ISO 14130

The table illustrates the mechanical characteristics of the fiberglass profiles, for the determination of which reference is made to the standards EN 13706-2, EN ISO 527-4, EN ISO 14125 and EN ISO 13130. The values shown in the table are the result of tests made on standard profiles with resins and different thicknesses. For the structural calculation always refer to the values shown in the specific technical data sheet of the product to be used.


GO texture

GO texture
Concave + quarzt sand

GO texture

GO texture
Smooth + quarzt sand

GC/GD texture
Quarzt sand

GC/GD texture

Panel tolerances: thickness ± 2 mm, dimensions ± 5 mm, weight ± 5 %, flatness < 10 mm/m
Standard color GC/GD: RAL 7004 GREY


P-TREX S Structures are etremely performing in aggressive environments, even when in contact with liquids or vapours.


P-TREX F and P-TREX S are widely used in the electricity and telecommunications industries for fencing off and protecting where electrical, thermal and magnetic insulation is required.


P-TREX S structures in composite material are especially suitable to be used in harsh environments, such as those of the manufacturing or food industry.


P-TREX F and P-TREX S are widely used in the railway sector.


P-TREX product lines are designed to ensure the highest possible standards of safety and protection in all airport and port facilities.


P-TREX S structures don’t fear corrosion or oxidation even in case of steady presence of water. Since they are resistant to adverse weather conditions and don’t alter over time, they don’t need maintenance and are the ideal solution to the problems encountered in water purification plants.


P-TREX pultruded profiles, structures and fences are guaranteed by FIBRE NETexperience and know-how


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