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Fibre Net boasts a 20-year experience in composite materials.

P-TREX is  the new Business Unit of Fibre Net, devoted to manufacturing of profiles, structures and fences in composite material (FRP), employed in the  industry world as a better solution instead of conventional materials such as steel, aluminium or concrete.


All P-TREX profiles, structures and fences are made in Italy by Fibre Net.

The numerous production lines guarantee a vast choice of P-TREX profiles with prompt delivery; over 200 shapes made from a variety of raw materials and in different colours.


P-TREX designs and manufactures its products and systems in full compliance with current rules and regulations. The granted certifications attest our will to be in line with the most updated national and international requirements on quality and sustainability.

CSI Certificate

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

Logo CSI Certificate
Logo ISO 9001:2015 Certificate


Our ongoing commitment to research innovative materials and technologically advanced systems, led us to collaborate with many universities, domestic and foreign research institutes and renowned bodies. Continuous laboratory and on site tests enable us to improve our products and recommend the most effective technical solutions.

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Choosing P-TREX FRP products means to care about environmental impact:

  • manufacturing process requires less resources compared to other constructions materials
  • CO2 footprint is considerably reduced
  • costs of handling and shipping are reduced
  • 100% is reusable and recyclable

The use of P-TREX guarantees an environmental impact completely comparable to wood and limited compared to reinforced concrete *


* see LCA Assessment report conducted as part of the “CNR for Southern Italy – Advanced technologies for energy efficiency and zero-impact mobility” project.



  • “CSI” recycling certificate


P-TREX pultruded profiles, structures and fences are guaranteed by FIBRE NETexperience and know-how


Contact us for any technical or commercial information about our systems.