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FRP structures P-TREX F are the ideal solution to the problems encountered in water purification plants. Resistant to corrosion and a wide range of chemical substances, They do not require painting or any kind of surface treatment and guarantee high mechanical strength and resistance to weather conditions and UV.
Compared to a steel ladder or walkway supporting the purification tanks, P-TREX fiberglass stairs and walkways do not corrode and last over time without maintenance service.

P-TREX S structures, whether temporary or permanent, are designed and built according to each project needs and conditions, in terms of mechanical requirements, type of environment, fire behaviour etc.
All this, in compliance with the EN ISO 14122 “Permanent means of access to machinery” and other regulations in force.

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FRP (Fiber Reinforced Polymer): The Ideal Solution for Chemical Resistance and Durability in Water Treatment Plants

P-TREX expertise to secure a specific part of the Grado wastewater treatment plant.

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P-Trex supports wastewater treatment plant operators in their upgrading and expansion plans with high-performance and functional GFRP structures

The Friuli-based company designs and builds all the structures dedicated to the accesses of the Lido di Classe wastewater treatment plant, which is being upgraded according to a massive investment plan in the water sector in the area.

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P-TREX pultruded profiles, structures and fences are guaranteed by FIBRE NETexperience and know-how


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