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P-TREX S huge mechanical strength, lightness, and no maintenance required make these structures the most efficient and effective choice for the development of access facilities such as industrial walkways and stairs, in extremely harsh environments, where chemicals of humidity levels are high. Differently from the iron or steel facilities, fiberglass structures are resistant to corrosion and do not need any maintenance.

P-TREX S structures, whether temporary or permanent, are designed and built according to each project needs and conditions, in terms of mechanical requirements, type of environment, fire behaviour etc.
All this, in compliance with the EN ISO 14122 “Permanent means of access to machinery” and other regulations in force.

Other applications

Related projects

Inside “CAPSULA” there is P-TREX engineering and P-TREX GRP profiles

CAPSULA is a cabin with an advanced system integrated into the Operators' work environment, realised by A.L.M.A.G. SPA, XPLAB and P-TREX.

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P-TREX engineering consultancy supports one of the major french manufacturers groups

French tanneries turnover is growing up together with the need of reliable and durable structures to service the production and maintenance: that’s why the major manufactures have chosen P-TREX products and engineering consultancy.

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Guaranteed installation times and agile construction site management

P-Trex partners with SEMAT to supply and install complex structures for a leading Italian industrial group, thus significantly reducing the installation times and increasing the efficiency of the work on the construction site.

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P-TREX pultruded profiles, structures and fences are guaranteed by FIBRE NETexperience and know-how


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