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FRP (Fiber Reinforced Polymer): The Ideal Solution for Chemical Resistance and Durability in Water Treatment Plants

P-TREX expertise to secure a specific part of the Grado wastewater treatment plant.

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Applications of Composite Materials in the Green Hydrogen Industry

Development of customized solutions using composite materials for the green hydrogen industry in the electrical sector.

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Restoring hydraulic functionality: the ameliorative GRP solution chosen to ensure strength and durability

Implementation of GRP applicative solutions in the new project for the restoration of the hydraulic functionality located in Fossalon di Grado (UD)

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Anti-corrosion solutions for interventions to secure the archaeological heritage: GRP structures

Within an archaeological site, operator access to diagnostic and observation activities must take into account various practical aspects, such as the action of corrosive agents, accessibility constraints, and the geological context.  Glass-Fiber Reinforced Polyester (GRP) solutions...

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Inside “CAPSULA” there is P-TREX engineering and P-TREX GRP profiles

CAPSULA is a cabin with an advanced system integrated into the Operators' work environment, realised by A.L.M.A.G. SPA, XPLAB and P-TREX.

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P-TREX engineering consultancy supports one of the major french manufacturers groups

French tanneries turnover is growing up together with the need of reliable and durable structures to service the production and maintenance: that’s why the major manufactures have chosen P-TREX products and engineering consultancy.

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Rail Baltica project chose P-Trex tecnology to guarantee succesful fencing.

The amagnetic FRP fencing systems manufactured by P-TREX have been chosen by Rail Baltica to fence the most demanding 24 km of the rail line, where weather and ground conditions require high level of resistance.

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P-TREX works alongside companies operating in the public sector: strong and durable GRP structures, dedicated services and fast construction sites

The composite material walkways of P-TREX contribute to the completion of the new bridge over the Brembo river, a public work characterised by the cycling-pedestrian footbridge in GRP.

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Sustainable GFRP solutions to support chemical compound production plant

P-Trex supports Aqua Ecologic in the refurbishment of a chemical compound production plant with a high-performance solution resistant to the highest levels of corrosiveness.

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Ingenuity and versatility, the perfect combination for creating a high- performance complex structure

P-Trex combines design skills and ingenuity in the design and production of a large structure for its customer, CMI Sleti, part of the Surface Treatment division of John Cockerill group.

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P-Trex supports wastewater treatment plant operators in their upgrading and expansion plans with high-performance and functional GFRP structures

The Friuli-based company designs and builds all the structures dedicated to the accesses of the Lido di Classe wastewater treatment plant, which is being upgraded according to a massive investment plan in the water sector in the area.

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A new sustainable club house, in the name of the environment, sport and innovation

P-Trex designs and implements the GFRP structure of the new headquarters for Velate Rugby 1981, a mini-campus created in the name of sustainability.

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Chemical resistance and easy, on-site installation, this is what choosing GFRP means

P-Trex partners with TICAM to supply and install structures intended for a highly corrosive environment, guaranteeing full corrosion resistance and rapid installation times.

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Guaranteed installation times and agile construction site management

P-Trex partners with SEMAT to supply and install complex structures for a leading Italian industrial group, thus significantly reducing the installation times and increasing the efficiency of the work on the construction site.

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Nautical gangplank in FRP: solidity, lightness and resistance in the marine environment.

P-Trex supports the Port Authority of Western Sicily in the construction of a nautical gangplank in FRP, guaranteeing speed of installation and reducing maintenance costs.

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An “aerial” construction site in GFRP reduces the loss of overall space

The false ceiling created on the P-Trex supporting structure for Veritas reduces the excessive loss of overall space in the sales area of the Venice Fish Market and makes space for the installation of the cooling system.

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