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In this case study, we review the G.F.R.P. solution that our team engineered and manufactured for the Corinaldo nonhazardous waste disposal plant, managed by ASA AMBIENTE SRL, a leading company in the Ancona area in the management of the integrated waste cycle.

We know that the use of pultruded profiles is becoming increasingly popular in the industry and infrastructure sectors because, compared to traditional ones, these materials have excellent intrinsic properties, such as chemical resistance to corrosion, thermal and electrical insulation, and can also be put in direct contact with drinking water. Mechanically, they exhibit tensile strength comparable to that of steel and have a lower volume weight than aluminum; these characteristics make it possible to build high-performance structures that are lightweight and stable over time. In fact, the chemical, physical, and mechanical properties of these materials allow the creation of structures that, even if left in direct contact with weather agents, do not change their performance. Hence the idea of replacing hatches made of now outdated traditional materials with horizontal closing systems made of pultruded profiles.



The advantages of G.F.R.P. closing systems

This case study shows a horizontal closing system made of G.F.R.P., thus highly resistant to corrosion, self-supporting, and complete with a fall-prevention system with protection bars. These features solve the most prominent issues of an underground sewage system where inspections must occur.


“The application of P-TREX closing systems allowed A.S.A. to achieve its safety and quality & environmental management system improvement goals.

The use of the leachate storage tanks increased the safety of the operators in charge of monitoring the existing pumps thanks to fall-protection bars (in a confined space), as well as made the lifting of the closures less burdensome thanks to the significantly lower weight and at the same time offered significant advantages in terms of maintenance costs even in the aggressive environment where they operate.”

Lorenzo Magi Galluzzi

                                                                                   ASA AMBIENTE SRL Technical Director



The degradation status that typically affects a sump in operation, aggravated by leachate affecting the reinforced concrete and the absence of protection systems, focuses the attention of the R.S.P.P. on the assessment of necessary improvements to develop new preventive and safety measures for the operators.

The purpose of our solution is to protect the operator during maintenance in manholes and lifts: thanks to the protection bars, visual inspections, and maneuvers are possible in complete safety, both in the case of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance where the closing, light, and self-supporting, is easily moved to perform the appropriate interventions and then put back in place. In addition, the fabricated structure allows for significant savings in cost and time of on-site work. Handling does not require external workers for installation since it is sufficient to rest the frame against the existing structure. In addition, the high corrosion resistance of the G.F.R.P. closing system combined with excellent mechanical performance contributes to prolonging service life with unmatched durability.

The P-TREX closing system, whose design follows the principles of NTC2018 from a regulatory point of view, is sized based on the actual conditions of use (for example, a variable load of 200 kg/sq.m. can be adopted). At the design stage, the P-TREX group creates upgraded and customized solutions according to the requirements detailed in the Specifications.


Earthquake-proof engineering know-how

The basis of our specialization is the expertise that the Fibre Net Group has developed in the more than two decades of experience in earthquake-resistant engineering. With this background, what more could you ask as a guarantee of safety?

If you have a similar issue to resolve or wish to learn more, please do not hesitate to call or write. We are ready to offer you the most beneficial and, above all, safest solution.