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P-TREX engineering consultancy supports one of the major french manufacturers groups

P-TREX’ challenge

As a matter of fact, fairs and exhibitions are recognized as source of meetings and incubator of new potential collaborations for every industrial sector. On the occasion of Pollutec fair, biennial event in France dedicated to environmental technologies and services, P-Trex hosted the visit of a prestigious french fashion group, who was interested in P-TREX engineering to improve the internal structures of the group’s tannery in Île-de-France. In particular, the request concerned the improvement of the facilities for the storage of chemical materials and access to the treatment tanks for industrial effluents, whose material was traditional at the time, with a more sustainable and efficient solution.

Tanneries are among the industrial sectors with the highest levels of water consumption. Up to 60 m³ of water is required to obtain good quality leather from a ton of raw material. Obviously, the volume of waste water, containing high levels of alkaline substances and organic substances, is very high proportionally, as well as the resulting corrosive substances.


P-TREX’ service

The soundness of the design solutions by P-Trex stems from a preliminary assessment of the context to identify and define methods, costs and timing of intervention in line with the progress of the work site. During the on-site visit, P-TREX team studied the critical issues and applicable solutions in order to respond with a customized project able to guarantee the most innovative, resistant and durable solution to the customer.

Therefore, the preliminary analysis is crucial. It makes it possible to verify that the initial evaluations correspond to the real context of the site and from the comparison of these aspects, it is possible to highlight the critical aspects, the questions and the ‘open issues’ (inevitable in the strategic design phase) in order to further elaborate them in the successive working drawings phase. In addition, this type of analysis makes it possible to immediately create a relationship of trust with the customer, clear and direct, which is the basis of any profitable and lasting business relationship.


P-TREX’ solution

The solution proposed by the P-TREX team is the result of in-depth analysis and study based on real weight and measures; these analysis have enlighted the resistance capacity of the structure to the specific load and the most suitable pultruded profiles to use for the construction. All the structures and machinery present in wastewater treatment plants are subject to strong degradation problems because of the constant presence of corrosive substances. In this context, the use of GFRP pultruded profiles and gratings is the best choice because of their intrinsic resistance to corrosion.


Raised platform 2.7 mt high – surface of about 55 sqm – in pultruded profiles and uncoverd gratings;


Platform for filter press support – surface of about 62 sqm – in pultruded profiles and uncoverd gratings;


Difference in height of 3,6 meters – surface of about 30 sqm – in pultruded profiles and covered and uncoverd gratings;


N.19 modules 2500X1000 h 4000 – double-shelf shelves with maximum load of 2500kg – an overall lenght of 47 mt – an overall surface of 95 sqm in pultruded profiles and covered gratings;


P-Trex accompanies its solutions with all the documentation necessary for the acceptance of the material on site and their calculation reports.



The sustainability of P-Trex’s design solutions already emerges in the preliminary analysis phase. A good design proposal clearly identifies the technical and economic benefits to the customer from the outset.

GRP composite material is not harmful to the environment. Proposed in the form of profiles and gratings used in the construction of more or less complex structures such as stairs, walkways, railings, it differs from traditional materials for its remarkable durability over time. Moreover, it is characterised by lightness and modularity combined with important mechanical strength, benefits present both when used as a single protagonist and when combined with traditional materials in a hybrid structure. Thanks to these advantages and the fact the material is readily available, easy installation is guaranteed, as well as time and costs that are well defined in advance.

Another major long-term advantage, which becomes one of the most important factors from an economic point of view, is that the products are highly resistant to corrosion and do not require maintenance. Unlike traditional materials, it is not necessary to carry out any periodic internal/external painting and continuous studies and tests have established that the ageing of this material is minimal.

Well begun is half done: this is the technical and relational approach of the Friuli-based company.


About P-Trex

P-Trex, Business Unit of Fibre Net Spa, is specialised in the design and production of profiles and structures in GRP (Glass-Reinforced Polyester) composite material, which are used in many industrial sectors as an improved replacement for conventional materials. P-Trex is a structured example of “made in Italy”, where the departments of Engineering, chemical and mechanical laboratories, R&D and Production collaborate synergistically in order to provide designers, organisations and customers with certified, innovative and customised solutions in GRP.

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