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P-TREX starts the 2023 with Perimeter Protection, Europe’s largest trade fair for video surveillance, access control, fencing systems, and building security – that will take place in the exhibition halls in Nuremberg from 17 to 19 January. As always, safety will still be our focus, together with the commitment to guarantee it through the development of our GRP structures.


Corrosion free, electric insulation, radio-transparency and maintenance reduced nearly to zero: these are the reasons for choosing P-TREX fences and gates! Our GRP systems can provide great perimetral protection as well as undeniable benefits in terms of cost-saving and environmental sustainability.


They are unaffected by weathering, UV radiation and do not lose their properties when applied in chemically aggressive environments. Indeed, resistance to corrosion, electrical insulation and the mechanical resistance performance make our GRP systems the perfect solution for perimetral security, and the ameliorative answer to the typical traditional material issues.


Choosing a P-TREX product or solution is also a guarantee in terms of:

  • continuous R&D activities in cooperation with universities and research institutes and independent bodies
  • careful selection of the best performing raw materials
  • constant chemical-physical analysis performed with state-of-the-art equipment at in-house laboratories
  • controlled production chain
  • low-impact production


The plus of P-TREX?

First and foremost, knowledge of the composite material and the ability to objectively analyze the client’s problem to develop the best solution. A perfect combination of transversal skills and technological solidity.

All P-TREX structures are designed ad hoc by a working group dedicated team that combines engineering expertise and management skills, enabling them to intervene in all phases of a project life cycle, from design to procurement to on-site construction.

P-TREX puts the feasibility study and preliminary context assessments first, to identify and define intervention methods, costs, and timeframes in line with the progress of the construction site.


Join us at P-TREX stand n. 306 – Halle 2, from 17 to 19 January 2023.