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P-TREX works alongside companies operating in the public sector: strong and durable GRP structures, dedicated services and fast construction sites

The challenge

In conjunction with the construction of the new municipal bridge over the Brembo river, north of the town of San Giovanni Bianco (BG), Pype Lyne, a construction company, enlisted the services of P-TREX for the construction of the GRP walkways of the pedestrian and cycling footbridge and relative sizing. The project, designed and implemented by the Municipality of San Giovanni Bianco, aims to ease traffic on the current (and only) bridge located near the hospital and to relieve the pressure on it during peak hours.

P-Trex, Business Unit of Fibre Net Spa, is specialised in the design and production of profiles and structures in GRP (Glass-Reinforced Polyester) composite material, which are used in many industrial sectors as an improved replacement for conventional materials such as steel and wood. All P-Trex profiles and structures are produced by Fibre Net Spa, a leading company in the market of structural recovery, seismic retrofitting and safety of existing buildings and infrastructures.

The P-TREX Solution

The cycling-pedestrian walkway is approximately 55m long, with a width varying from a minimum of 50cm to a maximum of 170cm, and is characterised by a bracket structure in HEA type steel profiles welded to the main anchorage plates and complete with protective parapet on which grating panels with anti-slip covering in GRP were applied with pedestrian and cycle walkway functions.

P-TREX has expertise not only in the design and production of the GRP solution, but the timely execution of specific services, such as the production and issue of calculation reports in compliance with current regulations, certificates and declarations of conformity. These skills are augmented by corporate services, such as technical and economic assistance during the tender phase, planning of supplies with a high degree of pre-assembly, in order to make site operations agile, fast and clean, and assistance on the site itself.

For Pype Lyne, the P-TREX team developed the correct technical and application solution for the walkways, supplying models for the installation of the GRP covered grating panels, already pre-cut and shaped, as well as the graphic designs to facilitate and minimise the installation activities.

The result of P-TREX

The choice of walkways in GRP composite material, which in this specific case are integrated with the existing steel structures, guarantees non-slip surfaces, high durability over time and comfortable access guaranteed by the thermal insulating properties of the material itself.

The guaranteed result is also ensured by punctual compliance with the technical standards that P-TREX pursues in its solutions. The proposed grating panels are designed in compliance with CNR DT 205/2007 “Instructions for the Design, Execution and Control of Structures built with Pultruded Fibre Reinforced Composite (FRP) Profiles”. The anti-slip surface of the panels is certified according to DIN 51130 (determination of slip resistance).

Advantages of GRP

The GRP composite material, proposed in the form of profiles and gratings used in the construction of more or less complex structures such as stairs, walkways, railings, is characterised by lightness and modularity combined with significant mechanical strength, benefits present both when used as a single main component and when combined with traditional materials in a hybrid structure. Thanks to these advantages and the fact the material is readily available, easy installation is guaranteed, as well as time and costs that are well defined in advance.

Another major long-term advantage, which becomes one of the most important factors from an economic point of view, is that the products are highly resistant to corrosion and do not require maintenance. Unlike traditional materials, it is not necessary to carry out any periodic internal/external painting and continuous studies and tests have established that the ageing of this material is minimal.

Compared to traditional materials, they guarantee comfort and safety even in adverse weather conditions and high levels of thermal insulation at very high temperatures.

Upon request, the products can be supplied with self-extinguishing properties according to EN13501 and ASTM E84-19 standards.

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