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Chemical resistance and easy, on-site installation, this is what choosing GFRP means

The Challenge

Eni has been operating in the lubricant additives sector for many years through an integrated cycle which includes research and development, procurement of raw materials, production of components and packages, sales and after-sales service. Eni additives are mainly produced at the Robassomero facility, which prides itself in its high standards of worker health and safety, production quality (UNI EN ISO 9001 certification) and respect for the environment (UNI EN ISO 14001 certification).

The chemical laboratory also takes part in the ASTM Proficiency Testing Program for automotive lubricant additives. Outside the laboratory, near the acid dispensers, reinforced concrete vats have been built to store aggressive liquids, but without covers and structures to keep these tanks at a higher level than the vats. Given the presence of highly corrosive chemicals such as caustic soda, the customer requested P-Trex’s expertise in the design and construction of corrosion-resistant and easy-to-handle structures.

P-Trex, the Business Unit of Fibre Net Spa, specialises in the design and manufacture of profiles, structures and fences in composite materials (GFRP), which are used in many industrial sectors as an upgrade to replace conventional materials. All the P-Trex profiles and structures are produced by Fibre Net Spa, a leading company in the market for structural reinforcement, strengthening, improvement and seismic retrofitting of existing buildings and infrastructures.

P-TREX’s Solution

The solutions, proposed by the P-Trex team, are tailor-made to customer specifications and aimed at solving the critical issues commonly found in the areas they encounter. Given the highly corrosive nature of the acids in the tanks, custom pultruded profiles in GFRP were created in the design of the tank covers, using a special resin capable of resisting high levels of chemical aggression. P-Trex’s ability to come up with an excellent solution is not just limited to assessing the use of the most suitable material, but also extends to its ingenuity in combining different materials to make the most of the synergy between their intrinsic characteristics.

The Outcome

The development of support structures through the use of pultruded profiles in GFRP is the optimal choice thanks to their excellent mechanical performance together with high corrosion resistance. The solution consists of corner profiles fixed on the vats and central polymeric feet, designed to house the grating panels, also made of GFRP and specific resins. Structures in GFRP were anchored above these to make the entire construction more rigid.

In addition to the engineering experience and detailed design skills, P-Trex’s support extends to all the work-related stages, providing the customer with advice during the design stage and support up to the final installation stage.

Benefits to the Client

GFRP products feature excellent mechanical performance, together with high resistance to corrosion; factors that contribute to prolonging the useful life of the structures resulting in the elimination of maintenance costs. Thanks to the synergy between the P-Trex team and TICAM, the work was carried out on time and as planned, with no unforeseen problems.

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